Wedding Preparation with the Starlets

There is no doubt that your wedding will be one of the most

important days of your life. Starlet is here to help make sure

your hair and makeup needs go exactly as planned before and

during the big event. Contact us, and we will assign a specific

stylist to make planning your perfect day a pleasure. 


We know as a bride, you are constantly communicating with

multiple vendors, and it is a huge relief to have one point of

contact. Your stylist will get to know your style and exactly

what you want out of your wedding day beauty.


One important note — we can come to you!  You don’t have

to leave your home or wedding venue to obtain the perfect


The guide below will help you plan the coming months.

We can’t wait to work with you during this special time!


The Months Before Your Big Day

There are simple places to start. For your engagement photos, Starlet recommends a Blowout, which consists of a shampoo and style. This will give you a first run with a stylist, and perhaps a better idea of what you would like for your big day. All eyes will be on the bride during the bridal shower. There will be plenty of cameras snapping pictures when you open gifts. A Blowout and Makeup Application will help your bridal shower will go a little smoother.

Speaking of hair and makeup, the best way to feel comfortable and confident about the big day is to have Hair and Makeup Trials. This ensures that you have time for adjustments before the wedding. If you are having an updo, it’s best to have a clear vision of what you want. We encourage you to bring pictures, but please keep your expectations reasonable. Many bridal magazines use hair extensions and special lighting to create these looks, and they are often difficult to recreate in the real world. Hair and makeup trials are a must, and don’t forget the veil, clips, and hair pieces. These are an integral part of your hair creation.

If you are planning on waxing before your wedding, you need to plan ahead. Make sure you know how your skin reacts to any areas you plan on waxing. Already starting to feel overwhelmed? Take time for yourself during these hectic months of planning, and schedule one of our relaxing spa treatments. You won’t regret it.


The Month Of Your Big Day

Girls, let’s party! For your bachelorette party, Starlet is the perfect partner. Schedule Blowouts with us before your big night out. For large parties, at Starlet you can even have your favorite cocktail by your side!

Your hair should be cut and colored two weeks before the wedding. Hopefully you have gone through Hair and Makeup Trials in the months leading up to the wedding. That way we’ll know exactly what you want, and how to pull it off.


The Week Before Your Big Day

Getting nervous? Take a deep breath and don’t worry. Even though the wedding is just days away, Starlet is here when it matters most!

For that perfect glow, get a Platium Facial one week before your wedding, and do a light exfoliation on your big day. That way, your skin will be dewy fresh, and your makeup will go on nice and smooth. If you would enjoy additional extractions with your facial, we recommend that you do so two weeks before your wedding day, so your skin has the proper amount of time to fully respond to the treatment. Backless dress? Come in for a Back Facial, or yummy Peel Treatment to remove any dry skin. Remember, the skin on your face isn’t the only skin that needs to be taken care of.

Waxing on the face needs to happen at least five days prior to the big day — in case some redness occurs, your skin has plenty of time to calm down. What about Bikini or Brazilian waxes? We recommend these services at least 2-3 days before the wedding day. This is also the same time frame we recommend for last minute color refreshes.

You owe it to yourself to be as stress-free as possible.   Brides have a lot on their plates, and they already have a jam-packed schedule the day of, and the day prior to the wedding.


Your Big Day

You have already scheduled your final hair appointment, so just show up and we will take care of the rest. Speaking of “rest,” this is YOUR day. For breakfast, have your usual, and perhaps drink some green tea to balance out all of that excess adrenaline.

If you feel a little puffy from the rehearsal dinner the night before, do an Eye and Lip Treatment to relieve puffiness, and do not forget to hydrate! If your wedding is outdoors, then we highly recommend that you apply sunscreen! you don’t want to burn before the honeymoon!!!

Most importantly, do not forget that this is a happy day. Enjoy it!